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Family Guy FCC

I have no reason to post this other than that it was on last night, and it made me laugh so hard I nearly squeaked.

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  1. Kevin Lehane Says:

    I know. Family Guy especially season 1-3 before it was cancelled were so effin funny. There is a reason it’s the only show in history to be brought back on the same network that cancelled it due to huge fan interest.

    I have often found myself trying to go to sleep and remembering a clip from Family Guy and just laughing solid. As the show has progressed it’s gotten a bit hit and miss, but when it hits — Holy shit, it’s the funniest stuff ever.

    I also love American Dad. That’s another blinder of a show. I’d give my right nut to work on an animated show like FG or American Dad.

  2. Kevin Lehane Says:

    By the way, watch this … for a while all my friends who quote this to me on and on and on:


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