Daily Dojo

Daily Dojo: What & Why Is It?

The Webster’s definition of DOJO is as follows:

dojo |ˈdōˌjō| noun ( pl. -jos) a room or hall in which judo and other martial arts are practiced. ORIGIN Japanese, from dō ‘way, pursuit’ + jō ‘a place.’

In the literal Japanese, it means the PLACE you practice the WAY.

Now, WAY can mean a lot of things in Japanese. It’s associated with martial arts, of course, but it could mean many things. My take is the pursuit of purity and perfection in craft, truth and living.

Basically, the Daily Dojo is my own word gymnasium, a place of blood, sweat and tears much like many real life dojo’s around the world. When one is in a real dojo, the study begins and ends with hard work every day, pushups, situps as well as punching, kicking, throwing, falling, depending on your taste.

To do it right, one should try to train every day, if they can, and always remember that the reward comes from hard work, discipline and due diligence. To often, much of a writer’s time is taken up with other things in the business, be it rehearsal, meetings, pitches or research in the form of going to a movie.

I hope for the Daily Dojo to be a place where I could exercise my words, ideas and thoughts regularly, irregardless of whether or not I had a current project on the boards. That’s what it is.

A place where I do mental pushups, grammatical situps and sweat the verbal cotton a writer should parse through every day in order to realize their potential.

A place to work hard on my own, without a thought to anything other than being the best that I can be at this craft I’ve chosen to dedicate my life to.

And that I have to do it every day, if at all possible, in order to see my dreams come to life as I hope they will someday.

That’s why it is what it is.

Visitors are welcome.

Please come in, take off your shoes and join me on the mat.