Hello, my name is JOSHUA JAMES.

I am a New York-based playwright, author of the plays The Men's Room, Running In Place, Old Dog, Tallboy Walkin', The Penis Papers, SPOOGE - The Sex & Love Monologues, 2 Very Dangerous People Sharing 1 Small Space Together, The Hot Naked Truth and The Elf - The Bunny & The Big Xmas Blow-up in addition to over forty produced short plays and sketches. My plays have been produced across the United States, including Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and all over New York City. In 2002 I made my London debut when The Men's Room was produced at the Croydon Warehouse Theatre, directed by Nancy Hirst. In the spring of 2004 my play Tallboy Walkin' was featured at the Stamford Center of the Arts Fringe Festival, directed by George E. Moredock III.

In 2006 I made my Off-Broadway debut with The Fear Project, directed by Eric Paeper.

Additionally, I have been a regular contributor to No Shame Theatre and the co-founder (with Ato Essandoh) of the writing/performance group The Defiant Ones, co-author with him of the plays Close Encounters, Eat My Shorts and The Defiant Ones: Revolution.

I don't know. I don't know if I love her. I think I could love her. Maybe. I don't know. I need Cliff-notes, that's what I need, I need some clues. Like in the movies, when a guy meets a girl, and MUSIC plays, and right away you know that they're gonna fall in love.

That's what my life needs, a soundtrack.

–Excerpt from The Men's Room

I am originally from Iowa, born and raised, believe it or not.

I went to college on an acting scholarship and received a B.A. in Theatre from Morningside College. After college I was accepted into the MFA Acting Program at the University of Iowa and trained as an actor. It was while at Iowa that I first tried my hand at writing for No Shame Theatre.

I left Iowa with one semester left of graduate work in order to take an internship with Anne Bogart in New York City as she prepared her Off-Broadway musical Marathon Dancing. I worked as Fight Director on that show and also performed in the chorus.

After the show closed I decided to take that summer off as an actor and try focusing on writing. I joined a writing group, which in turn led to an important personal discovery. I discovered that I enjoyed being a writer much more than being an actor.

I had a staged reading of my first full-length play The Men's Room that fall at LaMama New Voices New Works (directed by Nick Corley) and the following month three one-act plays were produced in the West Village. I was off and running after that and I have been very fortunate. A full, current, blow-by-blow resume' is available upon request.

Please visit my Library to see what I've done in the years since deciding to be a writer, get a taste of what I can do and read samples of my work.

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