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Welcome to Joshua's Library, where you don't have to whisper, you can make all the damn noise you want! In fact, it's downright encouraged!

If you are looking for a play to do or a new monologue to try out on auditions, this is the place to be! Flip through my catalogue, read the breakdowns and samples and you're sure to find something that tickles your pickle. Here we go -

Full Length Plays

My list of full length plays thus far.

One-acts and Ten-minute plays

Need an easy-to-stage one act for a showcase or fundraiser? I am loaded with fun and user-friendly material.

Monologues & Sketches

Need a new monologue for class or auditions? Here are just a few for you.

Rights & Royalties

All written material listed on this site is under Copyright of the author, Joshua James. No part of any of the plays, monologues or scenes may be performed in public without permission of the author, Joshua James, although actors may make free use of my monologues and scenes for auditions or classroom study.

For information regarding royalties and rights for public performances of this material or for the availability of screenplays please contact Joshua James.


Content Advisory

I should just tell you now, kind visitor, that much of my material contains adult situations and the frank honest language folks occasionally use when the kids are not in room, so consider yourself warned. It is called freedom of speech, baby, and it's a beautiful thing. Surely you must admit that there are times when no other words but foul words will do.

The eternal mystery of marriage, in the beginning all you hear "fuck me, fuck me you ANIMAL, you're my big stud" and eventually work your way down to "watch the potty-mouth, Mister".

–Excerpt from The Hot Naked Truth