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2 Very Dangerous People Sharing 1 Small Space Together A Full-length play
Joshua James

She's a chemical analyst
He's a poet
She has issues
He has scars
Separate they're unstable
Together they're combustible
2 Damaged people
1 Loaded Gun

2 Very Dangerous People Sharing 1 Small Space Together is a savagely witty drama about two people who don't want to die alone but find staying alive around other people intolerable. Maynard, a deranged semi-famous poet and agoraphobe, has barricaded himself in his apartment for the past year and engaged on some sort of mysterious countdown while conversing with Roscoe, a department store dummy that stands in one corner. Nearing the end of his countdown, Maynard spots a stranger walking on the street outside his apartment and impulsively invites her up. To his surprise the girl, Ginny, comes up, joins him and even more surprising, Ginny is very nearly as damaged as he is. A battle of will, wit and emotion, 2 Very Dangerous People Sharing 1 Small Space Together is what happens when two suicidal people meet and fall in love.

Cast Requirements

One male - 25 to 35
One female - 25

One Set - Maynard's apartment.

Running time of the play is 90 minutes, performed without a break or intermission.

Production History

2 Very Dangerous People Sharing 1 Small Space Together received development workshops at Nada NYC (directed by Sarah E. Orth) and at Manhattan Theatre Source (directed by Ato Essandoh) as part of their flopnight series. Additionally the play has received readings at various groups throughout New York City, including Circle Repertory Theatre (Playwrights Project), The Director's Company, Development Stages and The Barrow Group (featuring Adam Rothenberg).

What do you want from me?

Maybe I thought we could just get know each other, like normal people do.

Normal people don't get to know each other. Normal people just tell each other what they want to hear, whether it's true or not, to justify the heinous sexual acts they do to each other. That way they don't have to worry about feeling guilty. That way their conscience is clear. Why should we do that? Why pretend we're anything but two scarred and nameless faces rubbing against each other?

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