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In case you're looking for monologues for auditions, I definitely have quite a collection. I would also recommend that you read my play Spooge - The Sex & Love Monologues that has over twenty of speeches of different types and length. I also have a few orphan monologues that may end up in a play some day and I've included them here. Good hunting!

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I also have quite a bit of sketch work that I wrote originally just for No Shame Theatre - some are scenes, some are speeches. Feast and enjoy!

You can read all these scripts and more at No Shame Theatre

In Honor of Beer

By Joshua James

I come here not to simply buy beer, but also to honor it.

Beer gives me the ability and stamina to make love and satisfy extremely large women. Many times.

Beer turns any and all sport competition, from football to figure skating, into the most important, life-or-death event of your life, regardless of who wins.

Consumption of beer transforms any man sitting next to you into the best friend you've ever had and any ex-girlfriend or ex-wife into the love of your life.

Beer-drinking makes streaking and skinny-dipping after the age of forty an extremely good idea.

Were it not for beer, no one would ever eat a chili-dog.

Thanks to beer, I once won a three-legged race. By myself.

By God, I may not know everything, but I know this.

I love beer.

Performed by John Peruzzi at No Shame Theatre in the spring of 2003

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Kind of a bouncy flight today, isn't it? I kind of like flying, myself. Actually, I really like it. I find that flying is a good time to contemplate death.

–Excerpt from Paul On The Plane