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One-Act And Ten Minute Plays

Welcome to my short play library and this, my friends, is where you can have a lot of fun simply because I have a lot of material here.

Let's break it down. First we have the one-act plays.

One-Act Plays

The Beautiful One
(download PDF)
3 men - one set, 24 minutes. Comedy-drama
Three college friends meet for the first time in years at the wake of a women they all loved in their own way.
(download PDF)
2 women - one set, 20 minutes. Drama.
A young woman tracks down her birth mother and is a bit surprised at her reception.
The Fight
2 men - one set, fifteen minutes. Comedy.
A small man does his utmost to pick a fight with a much larger man.
2 men - one set, 20 minutes. Drama.
A father tracks down the son he hasn't spoken to in years to tell him that he's quitting everything.
The Viewing
2 men, 1 woman - one set, 20 minutes. Comedy
A priest, an art critic and a beautiful painter match wits at a funeral-slash-performance art show.
Something Situation
3 woman - one set, 20 minutes. Drama
A young girl stands vigil at her Grandmother's hospital bed while her aunt freaks out.
Like The Song
2 men, 1 woman - one set, 20 minutes. Comedy.
A brother and sister bicker as they try to deal with a roommate who's lost his mind.
Bodily Functions
2 men - one set, 20 minutes. Many sound effects. Comedy.
Two mafia hit men hole up in a house in Jersey with a dead body that, despite being dead, hasn't stopped functioning.
Love, Lust & Life
3 men, 3 women - no set, 28 minutes if performed together. Comedies.
Love, Lust & Life is actually three ten-minute plays that can be performed individually but also work well together as a single unit they are as follows:
A Boy, A Girl & A Dog
A Man, A Woman & A Cat
Grandpa, Grandma & The Car
Each piece deals with a different aspect of the instinct of Love.

If you'd like to read one that isn't available via download, please email me a request for anything specific.

I have quite a few ten-minute plays, and almost all of these plays are minimalist in nature and require just a couple of actors and an audience. Here's a partial list of my short shorts.

Ten Minute Plays

All The Rage
1 male, 1 female
A handsome man buys a drink for an attractive woman and gets a little bit more information than he bargained for.
2 males, 2 females
While waiting to board an airplane, a man makes a startling announcement that ignites his fellow passengers.
1 male, 1 female
A recently divorced doctor goes on a blind date with a woman whose heart happens to be as broken as his is.
Extreme Eugene
1 male
An accountant turned daredevil gives a video podcast on the internet that will be remembered forever.
Pretend It Is
1 male, 1 female
A middle-aged woman pushes her young lover away by claiming everything she's told him was just plain pretending.
The Dance
1 male, 1 female
A young woman in a hurry tries to pick up a Frenchman at a club with an unforeseen result.
The Danger
(download PDF)
1 male, 1 female
A housewife has had it with her secure and quiet husband, her very safe and predictable life, and decides to tell him she's leaving.
2 males
Two UN diplomats decide to be honest with each other.
The Forgiven
1 male, 1 female
A woman about to get married shares a dirty sex secret with her gay best friend.
The Futility
(download PDF)
1 male (1 female role optional)
A middle-aged adolescent shows up late for his computer date and spills everything about his life and more.
The Itch
(download PDF)
2 male, 1 female
Two quadriplegics bicker with each other as their nurse referees.
The Pap
1 male, 1 female
A young lady in a hurry for her pap gets a young doctor on his very first day.
The Race
(download PDF)
1 male, 1 female
A married couple lay in bed at home late at night, drunk and happy, and wish to have sex but are too tired to move.
The Taste
1 male, 1 female
A woman at a bus stop in the midst of kicking her boyfriend out of the house gets great advice from a stranger.
Three Times
(download PDF)
1 male, 1 female
A genius mathematician deals with the heartbreaking news his girlfriend is leaving him for another man.
F**K You!
3 males (or females)
Three individuals curse the audience very thoroughly.
New Texas: Or Now That The War Is Over, Party On!
(written with Joshua Peskay)
4 males
Dubya, Dick, Delay and Rummy party in Iraq, now called New Texas.
I Am America
4 men (or women)
America speaks up, supported by Liberty, Justice and Truth.
A Cautionary Word From Mom And Dad
1 male, 1 female
Mom and Dad have something very important to share with you.
The Big Question
1 male, 1 female
A young man has a very important question for his best gal.
A Gay Thing
(download PDF)
2 males
A gay man tries to talk his straight buddy out of going gay.
(download PDF)
1 male, 1 female
A young couple's engagement is threatened by flatulence.
Bad News
1 male, 1 female
A young wife comes home to her husband with some very bad news. And then more bad news. And then even more bad news.
Bigger & Better
2 females
A young woman tries to talk her best friend out of getting implants.
The Little Details
(download PDF)
2 males
Two regular guys and best friends deal with issues that have arisen as a result of living together for the first time.
2 females
A woman cannot understand what has gotten into her roommate, who acts beyond strange.
1 male
A career biker brings his Harley home to tell his mother about the woman he met and fell in love with.

I have more of course, and hope to continually add to my list of short plays because I really love doing them.

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It doesn't have to be anyone you know, it could be just Joe-Schmoe on the street, you know? You ever just see somebody and get the urge to hit them, you know, over the head with something hard and heavy?

–Excerpt from All the Rage