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The Penis Papers PART I
A full-length play
Joshua James

An up-close comic examination of what it means to grow up with Penis, the first time you touch it, the first time someone else touches it, the first time it touches you. The beginning of everything you really need to know in order to own and operate a penis.

In a theatre space, everyone can hear a penis scream.

Cast Requirements

Three Men between 25 and 35 years of age.

Set Requirements

There are no set requirements.

Running time of the play is 80-90 minutes long, performed without a break or an intermission.

The Penis Papers Part 1 received a development workshop sponsored and performed by The Defiant Ones at Manhattan Theatre Source, in association with Common Factor LLC. Karina Miller directed the workshop production.

I lost my virginity on New Years Eve. Actually, I didn't lose my virginity, it's not LOST at all, I know exactly where I left it. In the apartment where my folks still live. In my parent's bedroom. My parents weren't in the bedroom at the time, of course. They were out of town at another party. Night Ranger was playing on the stereo, Sister Christian.

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