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The Men's Room A full-length play
Joshua James

Chicago. Friday night.

Seth's getting married, Ray's pissed off, and George is on the hard stuff. While Todd's worried about a funny vibe he's getting from another guy, Bill and Bob just want to get laid . . .

The Men's Room is crude, gritty, fast and funny, where real men live for Wrestle-Mania and discovering a sensitive side can be a difficult business. Through hangovers and heartaches, THE MEN'S ROOM explores how six very different guys stay friends through thick and thin and everything else in-between.

Cast Requirements

Tall, good-looking man on his way up in business, just out of college.
Ray's best friend, also just out of college. Short, handsome, and engaged to be married in just a few days.
Their friend, never been to college, never wanted to go, only wanted to be a regular party type guy.
Bill's best friend, also a proud regular guy.
The actor. Ray and Seth's friend from college, just moved to the city.
Todd's acting coach. Very rugged, masculine fellow usually dressed in black.
The bartender. In his sixties, with grey hair and a face that has seen the bottom of a bottle many times.


Time and place is Chicago, 1995. Multiple minimal sets - Set in various bars and bathrooms, locker rooms and even a video porn booth.

Running time - 95 minutes with no break or intermission.

Production History

Produced in London by Icon Productions at the Croydon Warehouse Theatre in the spring of 2002 (directed by Nancy Hirst). Produced in Los Angeles at The Dorie Theatre (directed by Cassius Allen). Produced Off-Off Broadway in New York City at Camilla's Theatre Gallery (directed by Mitchell Riggs) and again at Theatre 3 (produced by Gamerin Theatre Company, directed by the author) with several staged readings, most prominently at The Public Theatre (directed by Ron Daniels), La Mama New Works (directed by Nick Corley, featuring Josh Brolin), the Directors Company, The Barrow Group NYC (both directed by the author) and at the Arcola Theatre in London (directed by Nancy Hirst), in addition to many other theatres.


"There's a scene in The Men's Room, written and directed by Joshua James, where a gaggle of male buddies, having a drunken night on the town, visit a peep show, only to be grossed out when they realize that the girl in the act is, in fact, a guy. This one scene demonstrates more wit and insight into men's attitudes toward women and their own sexuality than the full 90 minutes of (Off-B'way's)'Peep Show' . . . (THE MEN'S ROOM is) a hilarious poke-fun at my sex. I laughed and laughed and laughed." - D.L. Lepidus - THE WESTSIDER, NYC - April '98.

"This is a gritty, fast and funny play . . . a side-splitting cocktail of laddish banter" Christine van Emst, THE CROYDON GUARDIAN, London, UK - Feb 28th 2002.

"In turn funny and touching." Liz Arratoon - THE STAGE, London, UK - March 7, 2002.

"Each scene draws you in to their lives and although littered with expletives and some coarse talking, you really begin to care about these individuals. They are totally believable, and as events strip away their tough guy exteriors, vulnerabilities, emotions and prejudices are all laid bare . . . One moment I was laughing, the next minute agonizing over the anguish of a character." Christine van Emst - THE CROYDON GUARDIAN, London, UK - March 7, 2002.

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