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The Hot Naked Truth A Full-length play in two acts
Joshua James

Intimate moments
Between Friends
Between Strangers
Between Husbands & Wives
Between Lovers
Between kisses
Between the covers

Russ and Adele love each other but can't stop fighting, especially in front of their friends.

Pete's one-night stand has somehow moved into his house and now Pete can't get him out.

Michael is having every sexual fantasy he's ever had fulfilled with Diana but she won't tell him anything about herself and he's not even sure if Diana is her real name.

Cutting, incisive and witty, The Hot Naked Truth is a comic examination of the intimate moments between friends, lovers and one-night stands that we share with those we love and care about.

Cast Requirements

A handsome black man with an easy smile, early thirties.
Athletic white man in his late-twenties, a very proud homosexual.
A heavy-set easy-going white man, early thirties.
Russ's wife, a thin pretty woman with a lot of energy, thirty-two years old.
Very pretty American Born Asian woman, who's name may or may not actually be Diana.


The dining rooms of the different houses and apartments belonging to the above characters, all of whom live in Davenport, Iowa.

The running time of the play is 110 minutes with an intermission.


The Hot Naked Truth is a new work by Joshua James and since its completion has received staged readings at The Barrow Group and at Manhattan Theatre Source.

Can you feel this? Do you know what this is, Michael?


Yes, it is. Heat, like us. Now. The questions will be coming fast and furious. I want you to answer them fast and furious. No thinking about it, no choosing of the words, honesty is always the first thing out of a person's mouth. I want the hot truth. Anything other than the hot truth, then you get the hot wax. Do you understand?

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