The Web Dojo of Writer Joshua James

Today's date is October 31st, 2020

Joshua is a screenwriter and recovering playwright, author of The Joshua James Project. He's written a ton of plays that have been produced all around the country. You can check them out here

Joshua has also written the film POUND OF FLESH, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, among other fun projects.

Joshua loves ice cold tea, cool summer breezes and hot Brazilian Jiujitsu, though not necessarily in that order.

For current news, updates and all around fun stuff, check in regularly with his blog The Daily Dojo or his Facebook page.

A carnival ride through the mind and work of Writer Joshua James, author of The Men's Room and Tallboy Walkin, co-founder of The Defiant Ones. Visit the Library to read samples, look through the photo Gallery and check out the Daily Dojo, Joshua's personal web log.

  • Writer at large
  • Director
  • Literary mercenary
  • Buddhist
  • Bouncer
  • Author of many plays, screenplays, sketches, novel or two and the occasional absurd comment