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In Which I Share A Few Words About Blogging…

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Hey, how are you?
Been awhile, I know. The blogging thing, I mean. I know, you’re like, “what the hell, Josh?”
See, the thing is, I write a lot more in other fields (my professional fields) and sometimes there’s simply nothing left at the end of the day for the blog. I’m a huge fan of […]

Blogging Break…

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

So sorry for the unannounced blog silence, at the moment juggling a few things that are taking up space, time and, well, everything… will be back posting regularly soon.

Creatures of Appetite by Todd Travis: Free Giveaway

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

My buddy Todd Travis has a book out, and is sponsoring a free giveaway weekend on Amazon, so I wanted to give you a head’s up, it’s called Creatures of Appetite. It’s a fun, fast thriller and I think you’ll dig it, so get it now while it’s free… it’s actually listed as the #20 […]

Friday Fight Scene(s) - The Seven Samurai & The Magnificent Seven

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Today we’re going to feature a fight scene that was replicated in two movies, one of my favorites films, The Seven Samurai, and it’s American Western version known as The Magnificent Seven.
My favorite scene is the wise warrior who reluctantly demonstrates his skills, seen here in the original:

The character was played by James […]

What are the optimal biases to overcome? (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought)

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

We finished up with Aaron’s RAW NERVE series yesterday, but he does have a bonus post here called What are the optimal biases to overcome? (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought) which I also recommend.
I wanted to take a week and highlight every post in the series simply because it had such a profound effect on […]

Fix the machine, not the person (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought)

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Last post in Aaron Swartz’s RAW NERVE series, and it’s called Fix the machine, not the person (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought).
“In 1967, Edward Jones and Victor Harris gathered a group of college students and asked them to judge another students exam (the student was a fictional character, but lets call him Jim). The exam […]

Cherish mistakes (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought)

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

Next post in Aaron Swartz’s Raw Nerve series, which is: Cherish mistakes (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought).

“This is a tale of two nonprofits.
At one, they hate making mistakes. How else could it be? Were not ever going to enjoy screwing up, they told me. But this attitude has a lot of consequences. Everything they do has […]

Confront reality (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought)

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Post number five in Aaron Swartz’s Raw Nerve Series, Confront reality (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought).
“If you want to understand experts, you need to start by finding them. So the psychologists who wanted to understand expert performance began by testing alleged experts, to see how good they really were.
In some fields it was easy: in chess, […]

Lean into the pain (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought)

Friday, February 8th, 2013

If you’re only going to read ONE of Aaron’s RAW NERVE posts, let it be this one, number four, which is Lean into the pain (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought).
“When you first begin to exercise, its somewhat painful. Not wildly painful, like touching a hot stove, but enough that if your only goal was to […]

Look at yourself objectively (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought)

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Day Three of Aaron’s RAW NERVE series, today we have: Look at yourself objectively (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought)
“In the 1840s, hospitals were dangerous places. Mothers who went in to give birth often didnt make it out. For example, at Vienna General Hospitals First Obstetrical Clinic, as many as 10% of mothers died of puerperal fever […]

Believe you can change (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought)

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Part Two of Aaron Swartz’s Raw Nerve series, and this one is a doozy:

Believe you can change (Aaron Swartz’s Raw Thought)
Carol Dweck was obsessed with failure. You know how some people just seem to succeed at everything they do, while others seem helpless, doomed to a life of constant failure? Dweck noticed that too […]