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Want to take a moment and direct your attention to a show by a friend of mine, Soomi Kim, titled LEE/GENDARY, her theatrical deconstruction of her idol, Bruce Lee . . . and it’s been getting good reviews in:

Kungfu Magazine
offoffonline - off-off-Broadway reviews
nytheatre.com - Where it is written: Soomi Kim is a commanding presence as Bruce Lee. It takes mere seconds to see beyond her gender, and she convincingly portrays one of the most popular male action stars of the 20th century. Bruce Lee himself would be proud.

Congratulations, Soomi!


It’s experimental theatre, kung fu and Bruce Lee, what’s not to love?


It’s a short run, so if you can, please go see her show.

More information at LEE/GENDARY

“It’s like a finger, pointing at the moon . . . ”

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