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The Men’s Room Flashback

Due to the wonders of photo scanning, I was able to scan and post a couple of publicity stills from the 1998 production I directed of my play THE MEN’S ROOM, a show with a stellar cast and one I’m still most proud of … here you go:


Above is the entire cast: Jim McCauley, Gil Grail, Chuck Bunting, Garrison Phillips, Lou Carbonneau, Mahlon Stewart and Mark Hutchinson.


And a still from the infamous “porn booth scene” which you can actually read here: Porn Booth Scene From The Men’s Room

Here are links to other scenes from The Men’s Room that I’ve posted:
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The Infamous Park Scene
Bathroom Scene from The Men’s Room
Seth from THE MEN’S ROOM

And there are more monologues from the play in the library.

It was a fun, though at times trying, production, and many people liked it … it was viewed as pretty controversial then, though I think it’s much less so today, as everyone’s views on sexuality have evolved quite a bit …

It took a subject, male sexuality and homophobia, and addressed it from a pretty confrontational frat-boy locker room point of view … one in which sometimes left folks uncomfortable, even while they’re laughing.

Today, of course, Ellen and Rosie came out about their sexuality, Doogie Hauser, etc came out and it wasn’t a big deal anymore … it was different 12 years ago, but now lots of famous people are comfortable about coming out (though sports stars still are not) and that changes the play.

The Men’s Room was the first full length play I wrote, I’m proud of it for what it was then, it got attention right from the get-go, received workshop productions at Love Creek and Camilla’s Theatre in 95, done in Los Angeles in 96 and had a bunch of readings at various places and then it was produced with a dream cast in 98 that I was lucky enough to direct and the show was something we all were very proud of … The run was pretty good and we had a reading of it at The Public the following year (directed by Ron Daniels) and then, of course, it was done in London in 2002, directed by Nancy Hirst, which got some good reviews.

A playwright cannot ask for more than that.

Okay, now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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