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Abuse Of Authority Is A Terrible Thing

Okie State Troopers stop an ambulance TAKING A WOMAN to the hospital and arrest one of the paramedics (of course, the white troopers arrest the black paramedic, of course) simply because the ambulance was SPEEDING (imagine that).

Hey, I know it’s a hard job and troopers have to deal with a lot of shit … but that’s the job, deal with a lot of shit and not abuse your position. I also think that it’s clear that many officers do abuse their authority (hell, I’ve personally experienced it), and those who do should not be tolerated.

They were taking a woman to the fucking hospital, for crying out loud.

Once you found that out, stop being an asshole, okay?

And yes, I do think that there’s a racial component to this, absolutely.

3 Responses to “ Abuse Of Authority Is A Terrible Thing”

  1. James Patrick Joyce Says:

    Even if you acknowledge that they are die-hard racists… what is their daily experience like, that they felt it entirely reasonable to stop an ambulance, performing it’s duty?

    As is noted, elsewhere:

    “Assistant District Attorney Maxey Reilly said… the interference with paramedics in the performance of their duties is against the law in Oklahoma.”

    I’ll stick with Canada, for now. Who knows what they might do to some random tourist, who’s not even a paramedic?

  2. Matt Says:

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