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Sun on Woman - Our Shelter Article in Village Voice from ‘05

Back in the day, you waited Tuesday night in Astor Place for them to bring out the new copies of the Village Voice, because it was just that awesome …

Now the Voice is online, of course, and you don’t need to wait for it, and it’s changed muchly since being taken over by corporate interests and just doesn’t do it for me now (can’t speak for anyone else, of course), but back in the day, it was very cool … Among other things, there was a regular column called Shelter by Toni Schlesinger which was just about the different apartment deals various people have in New York.

Which is very New York, in most places in America, no one cares how much rent anyone else pays, really, or how they got the deal. In New York, you always want to know a great rental deal and how the people landed it.

So the series of columns was about that, allegedly, but always the interviews would take a unique turn and go to unexpected places. I’d been reading these columns ever since I moved to New York, and finally in ‘05 the Samurai Lady and I decided to submit our deal for consideration.

Toni accepted, came out and interviewed us. A very eccentric lady, though sweet, and I wouldn’t characterize it as an interview, per se, she really just wandered around and … well, I’ll let you read it yourself. Here’s the link and a snippet:

Sun on Woman - Page 1 - NYC Life - New York - Village Voice


Do people wear tattoos in Japan?Only gangsters. [Tomoko] Now, more other people.

Joshua said you’re the boss here.So he says but I don’t know, only because he wants to avoid making a decision. [Joshua] I’m in charge of my room.

You love the sun, he said.[Tomoko] Yes, I like to hang laundry in the sunlight. I just love the smell of it, kind of dry, clean. I love to take a nap in the sun. In Japan, my mom was hanging laundry on a balcony where we lived. I took a nap by her side. My dog was sleeping there too. [Joshua] I’m more the cave type. [Tomoko] He had blankets over his window. [Joshua] That was in the Upper West Side apartment.

The interview gets a tad surreal after that. Read the whole thing here: Sun on Woman - Page 1 - NYC Life - New York - Village Voice

Toni was fun, though, I must say. And it was cool to be in the paper. A lot has happened since then, and it’s interesting to look back now at the Samurai Lady and I before we became parents, when I was still throwing myself at the wall that is theatre, and hear what we have to say. Now we’re parents, of course. So in a way, I look back and go, heheh, you silly kids.

We don’t have the purple microwave any longer, it died and we had to buy a new one, and they don’t make them in purple anymore, which is too bad. But purple is still her favorite color.

They discontinued the series once some corporation bought the Voice, which I always thought was sad, it was a column about a uniquely New York City interest, and written by the same. Toni’s since put together a book or two of her Shelter interviews, it’s out there if you want to read up … a fascinating look at city living, I think.

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