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Yes, The Rumors Are True, Today …

Is the anniversary of my birth. My birthday. Egad!


And yep, that’s me on top of Bear Mountain.

Also born today, writer-director Walter Hill (one of my screenwriting heroes) and academy award nominated screenwriter-director Josh Olson. My brother-in-law Mas, a writer-director as well in Tokyo, also shares this birthday.

It’s a good day for writer-directors to be born, it seems!

Also sharing this day, George Foreman, Jermaine Clement, Jim Croce (Bad, Bad Leroy Brown), Al Goldstein, James Lapine and my personal favorite, Bart the Bear.

No lie, Bart the Bear was born on January 10th, in addition to many, many others. A complete list here: IMDb: Most Popular People Born On January 10.

I’m not on that list because I haven’t put any of my personal info on imdb, at least not yet, heheheheh.

Since Ren was born just under two weeks ago, we now have two Capricorns in the house. And I couldn’t be happier.

Will go on a short blogging break, but want to take this moment to send lots of love to all my friends, family and everyone in the world … I hope 2011 brings your dreams right to you!

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