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I Have An iPhone & I’m Not Afraid To iUse It!

On pictures of my boys:



And a quick rant … Wordpress is being a dick and not letting me post a bunch of my pictures, and the wordpress forum is never any help at all … there. That’s it. That’s my rant. I don’t have anything more negative than that. How could I, when I got these two great kids rolling around?

2 Responses to “ I Have An iPhone & I’m Not Afraid To iUse It!”

  1. Channing Work Says:

    Hey - have you tried using POSTEROUS with your Wordpress blog?

  2. Joshua James Says:

    What’s that, never heard of it … but I’m somewhat not good with that stuff, maybe I should do a consult with you sometime!

    and by the way, Channing … CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to the world of working daddy, bro … it’s a hell’ve a ride, ain’t it?

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