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TUF After Action Report - dullness

I live-tweeted last night’s episode, but Twitter failed on me sometime after the first round, and it’s just as well because the episode was, for me, quite the snoozer … which sucked because last week’s was so satisfying (last week being Akira getting his ass handed to him in a sack) and this was quite the letdown.

First and foremost … nothing about last week’s fight? Nothing? Maybe they filmed this fight before that one, but man oh man, there was NO presence of Akira in this episode at all, after spending most every episode before this one listening to Akira tell anyone and everyone how frackin’ awesome he is, how he’s the absolute best, he gets choked out and we don’t get a single solitary taste of his joyous afterburn?

Fail. Right there. Seriously.

This episode, we get a recap of two fights that happened months ago (for us) to set up this week’s fight, between TJ (I am the greatest) and Jesus Dustin (not to be confused with Three-ball Dustin).

And Jesus-Dustin eats a bug on a bet. Yawn.

Coach’s challenge. Air-hockey. Snooze.

And then the fight, which is three rounds since it’s a semi-final … now, first of all, I usually never root for fighter who goes all Jesus while beating the piss out of someone, I just don’t, there’s an absolute disconnect between Jesus’s philosophy of love your neighbor and MMA’s beat him until he bleeds … so usually those type of fighters, I cannot stand … but I gotta admit, I kinda like Jesus-Dustin, who seems far more sincere than the other bible-bangers like Matt Hughes, Jesus-Dustin’s faith seems to come from a very sincere and humble place (as does his MMA game) as opposed to someone like Hughes, who’s take on faith is more like “Jesus rocks and you all suck, losers” … so I kind of like him.

And TJ, well, he’s a good fighter, but in any other household he’d be the most arrogant one there … fortunately for him, he shares a house with Akira, Diego and Dodson, so … he’s not even in the running for most arrogant … but it’s still there, and it makes it hard to like him. But he’s got skills, no doubt.

The fight, however, isn’t any more interesting than the first half of the show. TJ shows some good hands, takes Dustin down and pounds him for the whole round, nearly. Dustin has game, but he’s also not listening to his corner, who tells him to kick TJ off and stand … he only does it once, the rest of the time he tries using jiujitsu but it’s obviously not his strong suit.

And that happens for three. Rounds. Every time. Dustin shows heart, no doubt, and doesn’t give up, lands a few shots and cuts TJ, but doesn’t listen to his corner and he loses the match. TJ goes to the finals.

Too bad for Jesus-Dustin, who takes this hard but well … and Mayhem continues to impress me as a coach, I have to say.

But all in all, a rather dull and disappointing episode … we hope next week, which features two fights, will be better.

See you on the mat, folks.

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