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The Family & I Are Okay

Hurricane Sandy was no joke. The winds were really bad, we could feel the building swaying, but the power in our neighborhood stayed on, at least so far, and most folks stayed inside. But that was one bad mother of a storm, and the city and this entire region is hurting in a bad way. Thoughts and prayers for everyone most welcome.

On a side note, they did a lot to prepare for this, they shut down the subway system on Sunday night, a full day before the peak of the storm hit, closed schools, public offices and evacuated people in dangerous areas. The Mayor and Governor did not take this lightly, no one did, and it’s a safe assumption to say that had they not taken the precautions they had, for the city and the state, things could have been much worse.

That being said, seven subway tunnels are underwater, many have no power (much of lower Manhattan) and it’s going to take quite awhile to put everything back together again. But New Yorkers are tough and stick together.

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