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Friday Fight Scene - Tom Hanks Fights The Fonz

Because I’m in that kinda mood:

Tom Hanks guest-starred on HAPPY DAYS as a guy who, when he was eight, was bullied by an eight year old Fonz, spent 17 years training in karate and came back for his revenge. Note, this is well after Happy Days jumped the shark (a phrase which originated when Fonzie actually jumped a shark, on skis)… but it’s still a lot of fun, especially Hanks before he was real famous:

Couple notes: Not only did HAPPY DAYS jump an actual shark once, they did it twice when they brought Ted McGinley on (a fine actor, especially in REVENGE OF THE NERDS, but also well known for coming on series well after their expiration date) as a regular.

Also, it goes without saying that Pat Morita (as Arnold) could honestly kick both their asses in a real fight.

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