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Friday Fight Scene - Siskel & Ebert

Like a lot of people, Siskel & Ebert were my first film professors, and in particular I identified more with Roger who famously based his tastes on his gut, whereas Gene was more cerebral. But in particular, after Gene’s passing, I was moved and impressed by Roger’s writing, especially after he lost his voice to cancer, but didn’t lose his VOICE, which became even stronger.

So in honor of those two who meant so much to those of us who loved movies as much as they did, I’ve posted some infamous outtakes of the two men (who, despite their fighting, were actually close friends) sniping at each other and making each other laugh… these are outtakes, so warning, strong language.

and this, too..

Good journeys, Roger, wherever you’re headed next… I was really glad you and Gene were with us and shared what you love… it meant a lot.

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