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Giving Thanks - Actors & Directors

So I just recently launched The Joshua James Project and I have to say, it was a surreal experience to look back over years and years of work…

For the record, I actually arrived in New York City, fresh from school, exactly twenty years ago this coming week. I drove a truck here and had only a few hundred dollars in my pocket.

Before I left Iowa, I began the short play A BOY, A GIRL AND A DOG but had no idea how to finish it. The ending, and the subsequent plays A MAN, A WOMAN AND A CAT and GRANDMA, GRANDPA AND THE CAR would come to me the following spring and be produced the fall afterward, directed by the great Nick Corley, and set me on a path that would continue up until this day.

And in those years, I’d be fortunate enough to meet a work with a whole bunch of great and wonderful people, actors, directors and producers and learn so much from each and every one… I named as many as I could in the book, and I’m going to list the names here, too…

Ato Essandoh
Carrie Keranen
Adam Rothenberg
Luisa Battista
Taylor Ruckel
Chuck Bunting
Lou Carbonneau
Jason Howard
Catherine Zambri Riggs
Mitchell Riggs
Carla Hayes
Holland Hamilton
R. Paul Hamilton
Anita Hollander
Sam Zavieh
Josh Casaubon
Tara Platt
Yuri Lowenthal
Maggie Bell
Adam Devine
David Title
Journey McFarlane
Michele Ammon
James McCauley
Courtney Jones
Kathy Rawlinson
Jeff Bender
Dennis McNitt
Debbie Jones
Abigail Lopez
Chuck McKinney
Jenn Shirley
Mahlon Stewart
Joshua Peskay
Fiona Jones
Liana (Riccardi) O’Connor
Anthony Wood
Melissa Picarello
Constance Boardman
Karina Miller
Heather Dilly
Cindy Keiter
Tina Polzin
Nick Corley
Clyde Kelly

My thanks to you all…

The Joshua James Project

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