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Good Reviews For Ambivalent!

Hey friends,

Just a heads up, my short play Ambivalent has gotten good notices in City Theatre’s Summer Shorts Festival in Miami and the actors in my play are evidently kicking ass and taking names . . .

Here’s a couple that were forwarded to me.

Jack Zink of the Sun Sentinal writes:

Ambivalent by Joshua James, directed by Desmond Gallant: One of the best-realized short stories of the 2007 festival is carried, not surprisingly, by 10-year festival veteran Stephen Trovillion. He portrays a man named Sam who, awaiting boarding at an airport terminal, blurts out his premonition that the plane will explode. The entire ensemble shares the boarding area as passengers, most of whom drift away in fear as Sam’s continued blubbering spreads the sense of foreboding. Ceci Fernandez is an aspiring actress short on patience; Bechir Sylvain is a musician whose band-mates depend on his expected arrival; Elizabeth Dimon delivers the dramatic coup de grace as a caregiver who sees through the premonition to the man’s real fear.

Ron Levitt in Entertainment News and Reviews writes:

In Ambivalent, by Joshua James, a brilliant script set in an airport pits Ceci Fernandez, Elizabeth Dimon, Bechir Sylvain, and an hilarious Stephen Trovillion as passengers, deciding whether to take a flight which one of them says he has a premonition of disaster. The play, directed by Desmond Gallant, is funny and thoughtful.

For those of ya in the Florida area, hope you can check the show out!

Updated: New review here:
“The funnier and superior Program B starts on a high note with “Ambivalent,” starring Steve Trovillion in a laugh-out-loud performance as a man who makes a dire announcement to a room full of eager airline passengers. Better, every actor in the piece has great comic timing, and writer Joshua James does a great job of exploring all the characters in a short period of time.” Dan Hudak, Coral Gables Gazette Review

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