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Good Reviews For A Gay Thing!

Got a couple good reviews for A Gay Thing, which is playing at the Indyfringe Fest via Merely Players, so I thought I’d share.


“Open 24 Hours” Nuvo Review
by Jim Poyser
IndyFringe 2007 - NUVO.net

Open 24 Hours
Three and a half stars
Merely Players, Owensboro, Ky.
American Cabaret Theatre

An infectiously funny group of four actors perform five short plays. There are no bombs in the show — and a couple of the less successful pieces (”Scrambled,” “Say No More”) may get better over the course of the Fringe as the performers polish their performances. There’s no saving the intrinsic logic flaw in “The Plunge,” but kudos to the actors for the brave baring of their, ahem, souls. That leaves the meta-metaphoric delights of “Something Went Wrong,” about a man named Harry who comes home with a dead clown, and “A Gay Thing,” where Roach and Velotta play best friends, one gay, one straight, who discuss the straight one’s gender preference confusion. “A Gay Thing” is the best of their show, very funny and perfectly paced.

Do Not Miss ‘Open 24 Hours’
IndyFringe 2007 - NUVO.net
by “JANE & LARRY” 9/1/07
Witty & fun from start to finish! We loved all 5 of these clever little 10-minute gems. Our favorites were “Something Went Wrong” - acted to perfection - a guy brings home a dead clown for ****’s sake!, “A Gay Thing” - funny, funny script & the 2 actors really popped & crackled off each other, & “The Plunge” - not just for the skin, but take note of Ms. Shamsabadi - she’s a hoot as the jaded & hungover Donnie. Don’t miss this one!!!

Merely Players to perform ’Open 24 Hours’ at Indianapolis Fringe Theatre Festival

Members of Merely Players will be performing at the Indianapolis Fringe Theatre Festival this week and next. The group will present “Open 24 Hours,” a collection of short plays, at the American Cabaret Theatre, 401 E. Michigan St., Indianapolis.

“Open 24 Hours” stars Kevin Roach, Randi Shamsabadi, Rachel Simmons and Alan Velotta.

They will present “Say No More” by Michael Kimball, “Scrambled” by Brett Hursey, “A Gay Thing” by Joshua James, “Something Went Wrong” and “The Plunge” by Matt Casarino.

“Fringe theater is really edgy and contemporary material,” Velotta said. “It’s in line with our mission and the types of plays we typically produce.”

The short plays were selected for “Open 24 Hours” from nearly 300 of submissions.

This is the first year Merely Players are performing at IndyFringe. A group went up to IndyFringe last year, where they attended several performances.

“One thing that was really cool was we were able to see a few shows we put on last year,” Velotta said. ” … We got to go to Indy and see other theater interpretations of the same plays.”

IndyFringe will feature 10 days of plays with 53 performers, 216 shows and six stages, the festival’s Web site reports.

For more information, visit www.merelyplayers.org or www.indyfringe.org.

A complete schedule of performances is available on IndyFringe’s Web site.

My thanks to Alan and company for including my work in Open 24 Hours.

Along with the Good reviews for AMBIVALENT in Miami and especially this news, it’s been a real fortunate summer for me.

And the best is yet to come (wink-wink) . . . can’t tell ya what that news is, yet, but I will be able to soon!

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  1. Mac Says:

    Congratulations on all this stuff, Josh! This is amazing!

  2. Stacy Says:

    Ummm…..I know…I know…..pick me!!!!

    Congrats Brother….you deserve it!

  3. Joshua James Says:

    Mac: Dude, you’ve had a pretty awesome summer yourself, if I recall, you kick-ass triple threat of actor, playwright and screenwriter . . . heh . . . and I hear Angry Planet kicks ass, I was going to work on it (as an actor) but due to an “upcoming production” I couldn’t work on that (don’t give it away, more on that later!)

    Stacy: Now, don’t give it away! We don’t wanna spoil the surpise!

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