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Like A Hawk

Last Friday, it was a wet and rainy day (just like today, some fair May this is turning out to be) and Kai and I sat on our futon-couch in the living room and played one of our many goofy games (they are legion, Kai’s goofy games, and some of the greatest hits are, Twist Daddy’s Lip Until He Cries, Throw The Toy, Crawl for the Forbidden Zone and an oldie but goodie, Bite Daddy’s Finger So He Makes The Funny Face) as is our wont in the afternoon, when Kai is lively after his nap.

We live on the third floor of a three story walkup, and our windows have a nice view of the Triborough Bridge. We live about ten blocks from Astoria Park (which is, I think, the coolest park in New York) and get a nice breeze.

But despite that, we’re still in Queens, so imagine my surprise when I look up at the window right next to our couch and see thus:
The Hawk

I grabbed the camera and snapped a few pics, which was tough because right at that moment, Kai decided to play his Grab What Daddy Is Holding Game, he especially loves cameras and cell phones.

Originally, because it was so big, I thought it was an eagle (and believe me, it was big, bigger than my son). But my good friend Unk tells me that this is a Red-tailed Hawk, probably a female from the size of it (females are much bigger than the males).

She’s a beauty, ain’t she?
The Hawk

I took about six pictures, but these are the only two that look decent, with Kai grabbing at the camera. She was so close that if the window hadn’t been there, I could have reached out and touched her.

Funny, usually you go to a zoo to see birds like this, but in this instance, we were the ones in the cage and she was outside looking in at the funny, goofy creatures behind glass.

I caught her eye and she looked like a wild thing, none of these Narnia creatures with human qualities, she definitely was her own boss.

Kai was laughing and kicking as he does whenever Daddy is paying too much attention to something other than his son, and when I got up to put him in his playpen, his guardian hawk flew off.

My hope is she came to bless the boy-king, and offer her protection, that’s the hope in my mythical writer psyche’.

Of course, the rationalist in me understands she probably wasn’t aware of us at all, but more interested in the doves which occasional roost behind our apartment.

But the mythical aspect is pretty to think about, don’t you agree?

7 Responses to “ Like A Hawk”

  1. stefanie Says:

    Do you know about the Hawk’s that live on 5th avenue??? There was a PBS documentary. A really moving tale about this Hawk and his kids and wife. It’s hugely rare in a city…… that is some kind of beautiful omen. Look up 5th avenue and Hawk…. the whole history and story are amazing (how Paula Zahn and her co-op board tried to knock the nest off) Good stuff. wow. so cool, Joshua.


  2. Joshua James Says:

    Yeah, PALE MALE, I think the name was . . . Pale Male is the same breed as this one, a redtail hawk . . . awesome creatures, ain’t they?

  3. stefanie Says:

    Also, another time, I will tell you about the Duck’s that came to see my mom before she died. Rare ducks that didn’t belong in our area.They then re-appeared after her death at two other auspicious times. So I’m a sucker for bird omens.

  4. Joshua James Says:

    Oh yeah, I’d definitely love to hear that story.

    I’m big into nature mythology, which is oftentimes at war with my rational self.

    But such is the human condition.

  5. Laura Says:

    I love encountering the raptors and corvids who live among us in our urban and suburban environments. Reminds us we’re not totally isolated from the rest of nature.

    For years I had encounters with Ravens. There were a mating pair that lived on the cliff outside our apartments on the Pacific coast. They would hang out on the lamppost near our balcony and talk to us (or harass our cats, though the mockingbirds were more prone to that,) came by later with their young one and then shortly after the family moved on.

  6. Chuck Says:

    Unbelievable. She or he, (couldn’t tell the sex from the pix, and believe me I looked) was keeping an eye on you and the family. This is something straight out of The Jungle Book if you ask me. Keep an eye out for any large felines on your roof! Looks like they’re looking out for the boy child alright.


  7. jodi Says:

    wow, that’s a great picture. Chuck is right, it was definitely looking in.

    Crows seem to like me, but it’s probably because I carry around french fries. Some people feed pigeons, I feed crows fried potatoes.

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