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Do De Rubber Duck

I know, I know . . . these days I’m doing more linking and video posting than actual word blogging on me own . . . things are busy, is my only excuse, and I blog for fun, not for money . . . the stuff I do for fun AND money comes first.

I watch a lot of Sesame Street these days, Kai likes Elmo . . . and I was a fan when I was a tyke, but watching it now, I’m completely shocked at how well put together it is, most of the time.

I watch Ernie’s song about his duck and wonder how anyone can possibly NOT break into a dance along with him.

Good stuff. Hehhehehheheheh.

One Response to “ Do De Rubber Duck”

  1. Carlo Conda Says:

    The Muppets peeking in on Ernie is kinda creepy.
    And I’m not sure he’s talking about the rubber duck when he says, “get in the tub, hold your ducky in your lap, tap your toes while you scrub…”
    And then he says, “as you keep on getting wetter, you’ll be feeling so much better.”

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