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2005 Dojo Makiwari Board Greatest Hits

Dojo will be shuttered for a few days in honor of the New Year, but not to fret, lowly white belt minions, for there is a backlog of posts for one to peruse if new to this place of blood, sweat and tears. Below is a small index of some of the favorite posts of the year past, click, hit and rejoice. In 2006 you can expect new posts on writing for theatre and for the screen, on arts in mind and fists, and anything important enough to take time to write and for you to read.

Happy New Year, Dojo-monkeys.

Here’s a few of the greatest hits on the Dojo Makiwari Board.

Theatre Smackdown Posts -

No More Covers
Hey, What’s That Guy Doin’ In A Dress?
Let Me Explain My Concept For Your Play
Never Do This . . .

Random Humor Drive-By from Yours Truly -

Nine Obvious Tells That Maybe, Just Maybe, You Watch Too Much Television
Five Obvious Tells That Your Lady May Be Using You
“Hey, are either of y’all the illegitimate sons of Geraldo Rivera?”

You know, you should READ ’cause it’s fun. I felt this one, yo -
I Love Books!

Funny stuff I had nothing to do with but they’re funny anyway -
And Now For Something Completely Different
Hilarious, sad and probably true
Schwarzenegger Street

Sites I visit every day!

Screenwriting -
The Artful Writer
Kung Fu Monkey
The Screenwriting Life

TV writing -
By Ken Levine
Ink Slinger
Complications Ensue: The Crafty TV and Screenwriting Blog
A Writer’s Life

News, news and more news -
The Huffington Post

Theatre blogs that rock -
On Theatre and Politics - Matthew Freeman

And I couldn’t chose just one post in Political Porn as that it all comes from the soul, baby - so hit it and read it all.

More for 2006, I promise, and I thank you all who have left love here in the Dojo -

3 Responses to “ 2005 Dojo Makiwari Board Greatest Hits”

  1. Dorothy Says:

    Happy New Year!
    Glad to have met you in 2005…

  2. Man Bytes Hollywood » Around the Scribosphere, Week Ending December 31, 2005 Says:

    […] John Rogers sneaks us some Blue Beetle…Shawna Benson dresses for success…Jody Wheeler looks deeper into Narnia and blames the cat…Christina Ferguson lays some pipe and introduces us to the stick figure method of screenwriting…One Slack Martian has some quirky, and valuable, advice…Playwright Joshua James gives us the best of the Daily Dojo in one easy to swallow caplet. […]

  3. Adam Says:

    I dig the Daily Dojo! Good luck this year, Joshua.